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No matter what type of foodservice operation you run, the presentation of your products is arguably the most important element of your business. A customer will not even taste your food if they can’t get past a dirty plate put in front of them. You’ve gone to great lengths to present the best possible product in terms of taste, nutrition, and value to satisfy your customers, but all of that disappears when you unknowingly serve a meal on a smudgy, streaky plate. Do not allow your culinary endeavors to be overshadowed by a less than perfect serving.

Unichem has the chemicals and the industry expertise to eliminate events such as this from happening. Here’s how:

• We regularly analyze the type of food soils that are encountered, and then provide you with the right combination of products to properly and effectively remove them.

• Periodically check the operation of the dish washing machine to ensure it is operating correctly.

• Analyze the interaction of chemicals and machine to insure the correct levels of concentration are providing optimum results.

• Assist in the training of new personnel in the proper scrapping and cleaning of all types of utensils and service items.

• Ensure that all procedures being employed are in accordance with local and state regulatory statutes.

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