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Extended Linen Life - Greater Comfort!

Unichem’s Laundry products have been developed to provide maximum cleaning efficiency and comfort level, while leaving the linens in a fresh usable state for the longest time possible.

Our skilled staff of professionals will create a customized wash program specifically designed for your facility utilizing the following data:

• Size and type of washers and dryers
• Types of linens being washed
• Utilities such as water temperature and amount of equipment
• Soil levels and special conditions
• Cost constraints and other considerations

Once we have collected and analyzed the following information we will develop an overall plan of operation that will include the products and procedures that will deliver maximum benefits such as:

• Pleasant, fresh smelling linens
• Stain-free linens
• Lower linen replacement costs
• Increased customer satisfaction
• Increased efficiencies in labor and productivity

To find out just how much service matters at Unichem, contact us at 800-862-2436 or fill out the form on the Contact Us page.

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