Special Needs Healthcare Facilities

Your facility is very unique in that it serves as a hospital and a home. The complexities of this type of relationship demand the utmost of attention to even the smallest detail, as it potentially may become a source of disappointment or irritation to your residents as well as their visiting family members.

A partnership with Unichem promises to provide you with many significant advantages and opportunities — both professionally and financially. Working with Unichem will allow you to devote more time and resources to the care of your clients while we will effectively and efficiently attend to the care of your facility.

Utilizing our industry-proven practices in your Laundry, Housekeeping and Food Service departments is where our expertise promises big payoffs for you. By matching products and training to each individual area, we will help to eliminate potential points of contention with those you serve, while simultaneously making sure that every dollar you spend is efficiently utilized to economically deliver the desired results.

For a more detailed in-depth look at the possibilities in store for you with Unichem, contact us at 800-862-2436 or fill out the form on the Contact Us page.

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