Linen Suppliers

In theory, the secret to keeping your customers happy sounds simple; deliver fresh smelling, clean, neatly finished linens on a timely basis for a fair price. However, as you know, achieving that goal is not always easy.

The linens you receive are often times abused or misused, and require measures above the ordinary to be able to return them to service. And returning them to service is of course mandatory in order to keep replacement costs to a minimum.

Different linens, sheets and pillowcases require different procedures and chemistry than napkins and tabletops. They can also be washed in washers as small as 50 pounds, as large as 900 pounds, or even in a Tunnel Washer. These critical factors come into play as you’re striving to provide the longest linen life possible while delivering excellent finished goods to your customers.

For over 40 years Unichem has been furnishing the Linen Supply industry with the proper chemistry and wash formulas to meet this critical criteria. Our innovative systems are designed to deliver the proper chemistry at the proper time—assuring you optimum performance and results. We’ve been effective in reducing utility costs as well as effluent discharge—another key factor in lowering the cost of doing business.

To find out just how much service matters at Unichem, contact us at 800-862-2436 or fill out the form on the Contact Us page.

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