Hospitals are faced with increasingly diverse challenges every day. Infection control, expense containment, and operating costs are just a few common obstacles in the health care industry.

Unichem can assist your facility in obtaining the maximum linen life possible, thereby reducing expensive replacement costs - one of the greatest fixed costs facing your facility today.

In addition to providing maximum life and superb sanitation of your linens, we will operate inside of your facility in full compliance with all JHACOO and State Public Health Department administrative codes and guidelines. This in turn provides you with the comfort and assurance in knowing that the right procedures will always be implemented.

Because of our years of experience in this ever-changing field, we are confident in our expertise and aware of the potential issues that management typically faces; the responsibilities and concerns of the health of its patients, as well as cost containment accrued during their stay. The simple comforts of cool crisp bed linens and soft absorbent toweling goes a long way to providing a comforting environment your patients will certainly appreciate.

To find out just how much service matters at Unichem, contact us at 800-862-2436 or fill out the form on the Contact Us page.

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