Dry Cleaners/ Shirt Laundries

No other business faces as many challenges today as the Dry Cleaner/Shirt Laundry. From challenging economic conditions, to concerns of environmental impact, to more relaxed dress codes that result in more casual wear, profit margins are constantly under attack.

Unichem’s origins have sprung from a long and close relationship with the Dry Cleaning industry, and thus we feel we have a special understanding of today’s challenges. As a result we have developed innovative solutions and strategies designed to help you thrive in even a difficult economy. Specialty spotters as well as innovative detergents that virtually eliminate time-consuming and expensive collar scrubbing are just some of the many innovative items we have developed to help you thrive in a demanding business environment.

To find out just how much service matters at Unichem, contact us at 800-862-2436 or fill out the form on the Contact Us page.

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