With over 40 years of vast industry experience and a comprehensive product line Unichem Corporation demonstrates it commitment to our customers through our on-going customer support and equipment maintenance.

Unichem has become a leading specialty chemical manufacturer and distributor of high quality chemicals for the Dry Cleaning, Hospital, Industrial and Institutional Laundry industries.

Reflecting the awareness and demand for environmental products and their impact, Unichem has recently re-engineered our entire product line, replacing all the nonylphenonal (environmentally unfriendly) surfactants with more earth-friendly formulas. This accomplished our goal of providing products that are safer and less damaging to both the environment and anyone coming in contact with them. Our pledge is and always will be to make the most efficient, economical, and user-friendly products possible.

Whether you are operating a hotel, motel, restaurant, banquet hall, hospital or laundry, we hope you will take the time to review our extensive line of products to discover how they can help you run a more efficient, economical and value-driven business. When you combine this proven performance product line with our 40+ years of expertise in this industry, we pledge to provide you the best service, product, and satisfaction in the industry⦠no matter your size!




“Unichem did everything they promised and more! From outright chemical savings to utility cost reduction and increased production, they did right by us in every way possible.”

â¡¡ã Kirk Sissell, Porter Health System

“EMHC has always had outstanding Unichem account managers and service technicians. The team has some of the most proactive, knowledgeable, and trustworthy professionals in the business.”

â¡¡ã David Reeves, Elmhurst Memorial Healthcare

“I am very happy that we switched to Unichem for our laundry supplies. Everything is coming out brighter and smelling so much better! We’ve had less waste and haven’t had to replace linens due to irremovable stains.”

â¡¡ã Patti Bickel, Heritage Inn Hotel

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